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    Hi, my name is Efo Hadi. I am an Indonesian geologist who currently concentrates on Environmental Geology and Regional Development Geology.


    From the perspective of land-use-planning, there are two basic ways to categorize the geological environment -as a hazard and as a resource. The challenge for humanity is to respect danger and preserve resources. We must understand the natural process and live within the limits they impose.



    The challenge for humanity is to pay special attention to geological hazards and to preserve geological resources.

    Thus, it is proper for us to understand the natural geological processes and live within the limits of the carrying capacity of the existing geological environment.


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    Desktop Study

    Environmental Geological Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis

    The geological investigation is a very important factor for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) study for any development project.


    One of the most effective tools for environmental studies in is remote sensing and GIS. Remote sensing and GIS technologies are scientifically established tools, but are not yet routinely used in environmental analysis, monitoring and impact analysis. The here presented remote sensing and GIS supported environmental analyses consist of methods for image transformation, image fusion, lineament extraction, time series, and change detection analysis.


    I will help you complete all the work you or your staff cannot handle because of extraordinary activities and can save you time from your work week, or you still want to keep your big project a secret until the right time.

    Geological Survey

    Geologic Mapping for Environmental Purposes

    The rapid increase in the development of land, the exploitation of minerals, and the related accelerated environmental impacts have caused an explosion of demand for information that can be used as a guide to land use decision-making.


    Geology is the study of the earth, and the earth is the physical environment in which humans live. Everything related to geology is called environmental geology, especially those that are directly related to human activities and which are applied directly to life. In this case, it will be known and understood how geological hazards and processes can affect human activities.


    Geological investigation is a very important factor for environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies for every development project which when viewed from a land use planning perspective there are two environmental categories in geology, namely as a hazard and as a resource.

    Geo-System Design & Modeling

    System Thinking Design & System Dynamics Modeling in Geoscience

    Developing People's (Student, Professional, Investor) Understanding of Complex Systems in the Geosciences

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